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Birthday Rash Guard (Orange)

Birthday Rash Guard (Orange)


Have a friend or family member who surfs or loves the water? Can't figure out what to get them for their birthday? Here's your tongue-in-cheek solution: The Birthday Priority Rashie.


The Birthday Priority Rashie provides UPF 50+ sun protection. The fit and material is chosen to work perfectly while surfing or swimming. It's been tested in real beaches and pools.


We suggest the Birthday Priority Rashie be worn the entire birthday month. Celebrating one's birthday for just 24 hours is simply not enough. The Birthday Priority can be used to get the best waves, the best pool toys or the best spot on the beach for the birthday celebrant. Maybe even let them order first at the cafe. Maybe? At least worth a try within their circle of friends and family for sure. Strangers maybe not for sure unless they are really really cool. But you never know.

We've made the rash guard a Dutch orange and blue because if you've ever been to a sporting match that involves the Dutch, you know how they like to celebrate. And the orange makes it much easier to find the birthday person when it's time for cake or drinks.


The writing on the front is smaller and subtle on purpose. You want people to know it's their birthday, but we don't want to yell it at them. Just the people close to you. Literally and figuratively.


So order one now and help your friend or family member reap their birthday benefits.

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